Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic: Five tips to make the most of your day

What do I need to do when I’m working from home during the coronavirus outbreak? Are there any precautions I need to take? How long will I need to work from home?

These, and many such questions would be playing on your mind, we’re sure. Given that we don’t know whether we’ll be working from home for the short- or long-term currently, it’s best to prepare ourselves as much as we can.

Adapting to change:

While working from home due to the coronavirus is becoming the new reality for a large number of the workforce worldwide, it does take some getting used to. Here are some tips to help you work remotely while maintaining your efficiency and at the same time, not getting hassled by the sudden change in your work environment

Allot yourself a separate space:

While it may initially seem tempting to curl up on the sofa with your laptop, you’ll find that in the long run it’s not the best practice. Instead, identify a segregated space in your home that you can convert into your temporary home office. It need not even be a room; just a desk and chair that lets you disconnect from the hubbub around you as work, serves the purpose.

Keep to regular work hours:

Working from home does come with its share of flexibility, but it’s best to maintain a schedule – and stick to it. It’s easy to get distracted by all that is happening around you, making it important to build a certain amount of discipline from the word go. Don’t negotiate or work around this schedule, until you’re confident of being able to adjust.

Diarise your day:

You’ll find that is easier to stay on schedule and add more productivity to your day if you have a to-do list at hand. Whether you jot down notes in a planner or use an online tool or an app, a calendar is a great way to be ready for virtual meetings, getting your own work done, or even pencilling in some family time or downtime.

Give yourself a break:

Working without a break can take a toll on your mental and emotional health, and needless to say your physical health can be affected too. Be sure, therefore, to get up at regular intervals, and take a break. It’s important to walk around, stretch your legs and even do some basic exercises. Of course, don’t forget to stay adequately hydrated as you work.

The best of both worlds:

The initial change, especially with the growing concern about the spread of the coronavirus can be quite disconcerting. Some of the biggest challenges include time management and for those living alone, the sudden absence of human contact. For some others, it’s about knowing that you’ll need to spend time with your family as well. Accept that things may not always go as planned, and that you may need to fit in an odd work hour towards the evening or possibly even at night. More importantly, be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to adjust to your new schedule.

With the above tips, we hope you can find a work from home strategy that works for you, offering a fine balance between productivity and time out to relax and rejuvenate. Do not panic, but instead, be prepared. Stay safe during this time, and know that you will make it through

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